an existential crisis and its management

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

Søren Kierkegaard.


I think the quote in the best way describes the experience of an existential crisis, its management and a way out of it at the same time. I say "management", not "overcoming" as I suppose an existential crisis cannot be overcome as a barrier or illness, being neither of them. This is a part of our life, a specific condition and experience that teaches us to be conscious, responsible and free. That is why the way out is, strictly speaking, where the entrance is. Having suffered an existential crisis and realized the absence of sense, having felt terror after seeing the abyss of non-existence, having faced the main fear which is death, you get free and start to live.


If I'm afraid of death, I'm afraid to live and can't create and love.

If I'm afraid of change and of becoming another person, I'm afraid to be myself.

If I'm looking for the sense and I'm afraid of losing it, I'm neither free or responsible for my life.

If I'm afraid of losing the sense, I think it exists. But when I know that it doesn't, I'm free and I'm able to live. To live my own life, realizing and feeling it.

And each moment I can create my own true and only possible sense.